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I use the term FYSA  a lot. Probably too much. And I often use it improperly, when maybe FYI would be better suited. But it made a great alliterative term for my “FYSA File” articles.

FYSA means For Your Situational Awareness. It’s an acronym (obviously) predominantly a military and law enforcement term. It’s typically used to set up the delivery of potentially useful, though not necessarily vital or actionable, information.

FYSA can also be viewed as “keeping someone in the loop”; it is similar to FYI (which stands for For Your Information), but may be interpreted more as meaning the information could eventually impact a person’s actions.

Some FYSA Files I’ve Written

There are some great social media accounts out there. Not the vapid, banal, or stupid-left/right-dogma types. I mean some really damn good ones you can learn from. Or that can lift your spirits. Or keep you informed about geopolitical events.The following are examples of those. The original content and credit entirely belong to the people who made those respective posts.

Col. Beckwith’s Rolex

Col. Beckwith’s Rolex 1675

The founder of 1st SFOD-D (“The Unit”) Col. Charles Beckwith and his Rolex 1675 (with some history) via @watchesofespionage. Published here.


Raider Rolex: the watches of MACV-SOG

“Raider Rolex” via @watchesofespionage. Vietnam era MACV-SOG “Raider Rolex” Seiko in the field. MACV-SOG Bobby Pruett, 1-0 RT New York, December 1971 – March 1972. Published here.

William Morgan, aka the “Yankee Comandante” and a modified Colt 1907 called the “Cuban Winchester”. Via @spycraft101 and @streakingdelilah. Published here.